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Blog Articles by Sandstorm Productions

RDNH Claims Equivalent to US Caucasians Squealing About “Reverse Discrimination”

Cries of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by ™ holders are usually no more legitimate than cries of “reverse discrimination” by the Caucasian majority in the US. Just like “reverse discrimination” claims attempt to distract from the very real issue of the majority’s social and economic power over the minority, RDNH claims attempt to overshadow the

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Jay Leno on ’60 Minutes’: ‘Eventually you’re going to get screwed’

‘Look, show business pays you a lot of money because eventually you’re going to get screwed. And when you get screwed, you will have this pile of money off to the side….That’s the way it works,’” – Jay Leno

Sundance: Kickstarter Backers Plead for Tickets to Zach Braff Movie Premiere

Should you accommodate #Kickstarter backers? If possible it def shows appreciation and ensures their loyalty on your next project, BUT with limited tickets available to filmmakers and the need to get distributors/buyers’ butts in those seats, how is it even possible? Would love to hear ideas/thoughts and especially someone who has dealt with this before.

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